Kim Chang-wan Band & Crying Nut Bluesquare Mastercard Hall Dec. 13 EPEX 2nd Concert: So We Are Not Anxious

The Kim Chang-wan Band, established in 2008 by Sanulrim’s singer-songwriter Kim Chang-wan, will share the stage with Korean punk band Crying Nut at the upcoming performance at Bluesquare Mastercard Hall. Crying Nut, credited with pioneering the punk genre in the Korean music scene, is famous for hits like “Oh! What a Shiny Night” and “Let’s Ride a Horse.”

Tickets cost 130,000 won. Call (0507) 1363-4614 for more information.

Bluesquare Mastercard Hall Dec. 16-17

EPEX, an eight-member K-pop boy group that made its debut in 2021, will hold its second concert in December, “So We Are Not Anxious.” The group’s name, a portmanteau of “eight” and “apex,” signifies the coming together of eight artists to reach the pinnacle of their musical journey. The group’s popular tracks include “Lock Down” and “Do 4 Me.”

Tickets cost 110,000 won. Call 1544-1555 for more information.

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